Bed spreads are one of the important items of your bedding, but sometimes the forgotten one, which need to be kept fresh and clean. Even though they rarely look dirty, sweat and oil from your body make them loose their freshness. You need to care them properly to keep them clean and feel great for the years to come. The following guidelines will help you in your attempt to maintain your bed spreads fresh and clean.

  • Wash your bed spreads regularly, at least once a week, so that it will be clean and will be free from any dust mites. Wash the coloured bed spreads and white bed spreads separately. Bed spreads will get longer life if washed alone instead of mixing with other clothes or towels.
  • Use a mild detergent to wash white bed spreads and wash them in warm water on a delicate cycle. You can add liquid fabric softener and if you really want to make them brighter, you can use oxygen based beach. Avoid chlorine based bleach because they can turn your white sheets into yellow after prolonged use.
  • Wash your coloured bed spreads using mild detergent in cold water on a delicate cycle. You can add fabric softener and an oxygen based bleach, which should be meant specifically for bleaching coloured clothes.
  • You can line dry the entire bed spreads or you can use your tumble dryer with a dryer sheet and dryer ball on low heat setting suitable for the fabrics. The dryer balls will help to prevent the bed spreads from wrinkling.
  • Take the bed spread from the dryer, fold it and store it in a clean closet. Do following steps to prepare the closet.
  • The closet should be dry and clean. For that, first remove everything from the closet. Prepare a cleaning solution by adding 1 teaspoon of liquid detergent soap, preferably  a naturally scented soap with a mild fragrance, in  a bucket of warm water and clean each shelf of the closet using a cloth dipped in the solution. Allow the closet to air dry thoroughly.
  • Cover the shelves of the closet with decorative contact paper, which will protect the shelves and make them easy to clean.
  • Put some blocks of cedar wood on the back of the shelves. Cedar wood helps to prevent moths and produce fresh fragrance to the area. Once the cedar blocks have lost their fragrance, rub them with sandpaper to freshen up.
  • Bed spreads, after taking from the dryer, should be folded neatly before placing into the closet. They will maintain their freshness and cleanliness throughout the period of their storage in the closet.
  • You can place sachets of air freshener, made of high quality real essential oils, in the closet. Avoid using any low quality synthetic deodorant. Use only one brand of air freshener; mixing scents will not produce pleasant fragrance.
  • Vacuum your entire mattress frequently, preferably once in a month, to eliminate dust mites, otherwise they will produce allergens and disturb your sleep and comfort.
  • Always clean the bed frames and vacuum the floor and avoid dust mites completely from your bedroom.

If you follow the above instructions, you can always keep your bed spreads fresh and clean, and enjoy a comfortable sleep with sweet dreams.