Undisputedly one of the most essential home appliances of the modern times, vacuum cleaners make cleaning of carpets and such like surfaces very easy. The best part is that, these days you can find very affordable cleaners that come in all sizes and shapes. The designs are meant for any home or house. Competition among the vacuum cleaner manufacturers has seen the prices come down, and the market now has some of them going for less than £100. The price does not affect performance, only that you might get a smaller machine that will take longer to finish your cleaning than larger and powerful machines.

Some hoovers are meant for certain fabrics and cannot be used on the others. Depending on the fabric your carpet is made of, you will find various types of hoovers. Handheld hoovers are usually smaller in size and only used on smaller areas. Generally, they are used in picking up litter and dust from the sofas, couches and mats. Still, they find use in weaving and crafting classes to pick up the threads and in barbershops to pick the hair strands. Their functions are limited to small-scale. The dirt is collected into an attached bag ready for disposal. On the same line, you will find the electric types, which offer more than the former.

Sweepers and stick hoovers are the most common types of vacuum cleaners used in hovering. These ones have replaced the common brooms and sweepers, acting better in the same capacity. Sweepers are cordless in design acting just like brooms. There are models that have dust suction systems, although most come with brush-roll technology that collects dirt as you hoover the brush on the carpet. Stick vacuum cleaners act similarly, although they have various functions and are more advance than sweepers. The two can be used on hard surfaces and fast cleaning if you are in a hurry.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are fast becoming common because of the effectiveness of their nature. These ones will ensure that you have a clean surface within minutes. Robotic means that you do not have to be there when the cleaning process is ongoing. The machine can be programmed to start cleaning whether the owner is there or not. This appliance does not come cheap though, and will need more than £200 to get it. Upright and canister vacuum cleaners are also common, more so for homes that have different types of surfaces. They are multitalented and can clean any surface with the correct adjustments made.

Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners have the dual purpose which most people are looking for when choosing a vacuum cleaner. They can suck up water or dust depending on the type of cleaning needed. Despite the dual purpose, you might experience problem with your neighbours if you do your cleaning at night since the machines are noisy. Other types include ash vacuum and central hoovers. Remember to consult with the vendor on the usability of the vacuum cleaner before purchasing it.