Most of us think that we do not have to clean our cleaning tools, almost taking for granted that it is for cleaning and so it does not need cleaning. However this is not true as our cleaning tools need the cleaning more so as it helps in cleaning away the dust and debris. It gathers dust and dirt from every corner of our houses so it needs proper cleaning or else it will not be able to give us the services we require and will not stay for long. Therefore in order to maintain our cleaning tools like mops, dusters, broom, vacuum etc. for long, we need to provide proper care and maintenance.

A dirty duster or mop can, if used for cleaning or dusting, place more dust and dirt. It is unclean and unhygienic and may redeposit the germs. Therefore maintenance of such cleaning tools is very important. Here are few tips which will help you maintain your dusters for longer. For instance, if you are using a feather duster, you need to take proper care and to maintain it for long you need to clean it regularly after every use. You can shake the duster hard and get rid of the accumulated dust. If it is very dirty, you can take a bucket full of warm water and add some liquid detergent to it. Swish your duster in it and then take out and wring it carefully without pulling out any feather. Then you can run it under warm water till the water is clear and line it for drying. Once dried you can put your hand through the duster and fluff it up back to normal. This way you can maintain your duster for longer.

If you are using a lambswool duster, you can clean it the same way as you dealt with the feather dusters. Shake it thoroughly till the dust are off it and if you want to wash it you can do it the same way as told earlier. Let it air dry and run your hand through it placing it upside down to bring it back to shape. Instead of using liquid dish washer or detergent you can use vegetable glycerin to maintain its natural oil. You must clean your dusters at least every 3-6 months in order to maintain it however if you do it regularly after every use, you will not have to replace your dusters again and again.

Feather dusters and lambswool dusters cannot be thrown into washing machine for cleaning. It should be cleaned using your hands, remember you will have to give it a gentle wash or else you may run the risk of damaging it. You can also use baby shampoo to clean your feather duster. If you do not have baby shampoo, then you can sprinkle some rock salt on it, using a newspaper, seal it and shake for two minutes till all the dust and salt is off it. Following these methods you can maintain your dusters for longer.