We often use disinfectants and cleaners which are available in the market. Have we ever given a thought that these commercially available products contain some really harsh chemicals and substances which might harm our environment and our health in particular as we are using these in our houses? They tend to pollute the air, cause allergy and skin irritations and even harm our respiratory system. Have we ever tried to find an alternative to these disinfectants and cleaners or tried using the natural products or making one for ourselves? Well, if we have not done it earlier does not mean we will not do it now.

You can easily make eco-friendly disinfectant at home and use it for cleaning in and around the house. These natural disinfectants can be made using regular household items which are easily available. You can make a disinfectant for cleaning your kitchen shelves and racks naturally using tea tree oil. Take an old disinfectant bottle, add 20 drops of tea tree oil in it and pour two cups of normal water along with two tablespoon of white vinegar. Add half a teaspoon of dishwasher liquid to this mixture and start shaking till it all mixes well. Now you can use it to clean your kitchen tops and shelves in an eco-friendly way. The tea tree oil acts as an antifungal and the vinegar’s acidic properties kills germs and microbes. The liquid detergent gives it the power of cleaning and all combined together easily makes a disinfectant.

Similarly you can make your own bathroom disinfectant using the household products in order to clean your bath tubs, walls, showers, taps and toilets. Take a large spray bottle which is empty and add 3 cups of hot water to it along with borax which is a mixture of sodium, oxygen and boron. Borax acts as a bug repellant and a strong disinfectant. Add 4 tablespoon of white vinegar and half teaspoon of liquid detergent to this mixture and start cleaning. You can use this eco-friendly disinfectant in your bathroom and clean it the natural way.

Make sure you use hand gloves while using these substances specially borax as it can cause mild skin irritation. The cleaning sponge or cloth which is used while disinfecting must be quick drying and biodegradable. You can also find some natural disinfectants available in the market if you do not want to make eco-friendly disinfectants at home. You will notice that these natural and eco-friendly products are costlier than the commercially available chemical products. They almost cost the double price of what chemical products are sold at. Therefore if you know the benefits of using eco-friendly disinfectants and cleaners, then why not make it at home at little cost and effort and save money and environment.

There are other natural ingredients too which comes handy if you want to make eco-friendly disinfectant and cleaners. These are essential oils of lemon, bergamot, pine, and so on. They not only disinfect but also leave a fresh smell. These essential oils can be added to the disinfectant made at home and used in and around homes.