Each and every household needs to clean their upholstery regularly and if you have kids and pets around, it’s all the more become necessary for you to clean it as stains will be a common problem. We often use chemical cleaners and products for our upholstery cleaning. However the chemical substances present in such cleaning products are not good for our environment as well as our body. It gets absorbed by the air around us and we breathe in that air. Therefore we must use natural upholstery cleaners which are made up of eco-friendly substance which do not harm our environment and our loved ones.

We often neglect our upholstery as it does not look dirty, however the amount of dust and dirt it accumulates every day is way too much and proper cleaning is a must. The bugs and mites and the dust particles eat away the fibres and thus take away the life of your couches and sofas. Therefore it is important to take up the cleaning job quite often and regularly at intervals of few days. Vacuum clean your upholstery on a daily basis or every two or three days. Use natural upholstery cleaner and use it once a week to clean up your upholstery. You can make your eco-friendly upholstery cleaner at home by making a solution of ¼ cup dish soap and 1 cup of warm water. Blend it together and use it with a brush on your upholstery. Do not wet the fabrics much and blot it using another clean cloth if it is wet. Let it air dry and you will find your upholstery dirt free and clean.

If you want to make a spot cleaner, you can use some lemon juice, diluted hydrogen peroxide and add club soda together and clean the stain or spot with this mixture. It will take care of the stains and you will have clean upholstery. Before trying out these eco-friendly upholstery cleaner, test it on a small section of the upholstery so that you do not damage or discolour the entire upholstery. You can also hire professional cleaners who use eco-friendly products and call them to clean your upholstery. Ensure that they use biodegradable and non-toxic products which are safe for children and pets.

There are other substances which comes handy and right out of your kitchen for cleaning your upholstery. Like if you have coffee stains, you can use warm water and mix an egg York and put it on the stains. It will help clean it and get rid of the stains. For red wine stains, you can use hydrogen peroxide and clean the spot. Usually for most of the stains, whipped dish detergent and water and use the froth to clean the stains. It will clean it easily and then rinse off. Your hair shampoo mixed with water can also help clean most of the marks and stains. Therefore you can easily make your eco-friendly upholstery cleaner at home in no time and they are very effective too.