We have furniture in our houses which are made up of varied materials like wood, plastic and so on. We need to take proper care and maintained the furniture so that they stay for long. However with passage of time and usage they lose their shine and become dull looking. A little bit of furniture polish and care renews its beauty specially the wooden furniture. They transform themselves and look as good as new once the polish is done. There are many chemical furniture polishes which are available in the market and can be easily applied on your furniture. However they contain chemical substance which is toxic in nature. It can not only harm your furniture but also the air around. Therefore it is better if you could make your own furniture polish at home. It will not only save your money but the will also be eco-friendly in nature.

You can make your own furniture polish by mixing equal amount of white vinegar and lemon juice together in a mixing bowl or a spray can. Dab some amount of the mixture on a clean cloth and put it on your furniture and then clean it with another cloth. Another recipe which will help you polish your wooden furniture is using 1 cup of olive oil together with half cup of lemon juice. Make a mixture or put in a spray can and spray it on the furniture. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth and your furniture will shine as new. These recipes are easy and eco-friendly. They are quite cheap as the ingredients are mostly found in the households and are readily available. They are free from allergens and do not irritate the skin or pollute the air. Since these recipes use natural ingredients, you need to make it fresh every time you want to polish your furniture.

Another recipe which you could use to add shine and luster to your furniture is by mixing vinegar and olive oil together using a glass container or you can alternatively use a ceramic container. Apply the mixture using a soft polishing cloth on to your furniture, avoid rubbing in. Let it soak for some time and leave it for air drying. You will find your furniture with renewed shine and polish. Do not store these polishes as it becomes rancid. Dispose the leftover polish and do not use it again. Always make fresh polish and use it on your furniture.

Make sure you use the polish on a small part of the furniture before using it on the whole as a precaution. Since you know you are using homemade polish and you do not know how it will react with your furniture, therefore it is better to test it first and then apply it all over. If you have antique furniture in your house, it will be best if you could call in professionals to polish it. By using homemade polish, you might run the risk of staining it.