Problems with the zippers have always surfaced among the family’s clothing and accessories. With every categorised material using a zip or two for enclosing purposes, one cannot neglect their importance in an accessory. Faulty zips present in bags, and clothing such as jeans, may ruin the entire outfit and the need of that particularised accessory. A vitalised need is presented while handling such faulty zips. If not handled carefully, they might break which may result in total wastage of the product. Along with that, replacement of zippers in any product isn’t easy and may result in prior negative impact on the same.

Though zippers can be easily worked upon for the smoother working, the underwritten steps will tend to provide better procedures for imparting a better finish. Lubrication stands as one quicker option. The steps to provide the needful lubrication include materials like wax paper, soap, lip balm, pencil, Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing and candle etc.

  • Taking a lip balm tube, rub the fluid over the teeth of the zipper. For spreading the same over whole of it, try zipping up and down.
  • The glide can be further cleanly manifested into the zippers with the application of soaps onto it. Soaps also provide the tactful and needful levels of lubrication to exemplify the affects and positive impacts on smoother running of the zips. Moving the zipper to and fro or up and down will result in its total spreading over the teeth.
  • Certain available fluids available in the contemporary markets of lip balms may be utilised to impart the necessary lubrication. Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing is one such product which holds an upper hand in providing swifter operations in the handling of the zippers. Applying it over the teeth and spreading it will fetch smoothness.
  • Wax papers stand as another option. Fold the wax over unless it becomes thick and the size efficient enough to be precisely rubbed over the zipper. Thereafter, the same folded paper is to be continuously rubbed over both sides of the zipper. Doing that will render a perfect mechanism and lesser troubles.
  • Graphite can also be used as a lubricating material. Tips of pencil can be deployed and rubbed over the teeth of performing the same.
  • Wax can also be extracted from the candles. Rubbing layers of candle wax over the zippers provides the lubrication. Though cleaning may be required thereafter for the removal of wax.

Apart from lubrication, faulty zips can also be mended with simple techniques. Pressing the sidewise part of the zippers, which hold the teeth, will render effective smoothness. The same might be deployed in cases when the teeth tend to separate even after the zippers are enclosed. Even after the above steps if the problem exists, the clothes should be given to the tailor, and the bags to the retailers for their proper management. Since, most of the company employ high quality zippers, rise of problematic issues may be less. But, the solutions are always there.