Ironing board is an essential household tool that is found in almost every home. Besides the ironing functions, it can serve as an on-the-spot-table for different purpose and can even use as a quick buffet for a dinner gathering. Your ironing rod, with its cushioning pad and a stretched fabric cover, need to be cleaned and refreshed frequently. Given below are few methods for cleaning and refreshing your ironing board.

Basic Steps for Refreshing Your Ironing Board

  • Set up your ironing board and remove the cover and the pad.
  • Clean the entire ironing board thoroughly by wiping with a damp cloth. Always be careful to keep the board dry so as to prevent it from dust.
  • Using a wet cloth, do spot cleaning of the ironing board cover. Ironing board covers   usually come with a stain protectant coating, making the spot cleaning easy
  • Ensure that the surface of the ironing board is completely dry.
  • Lay the pad on the ironing board and replace the cover. Take care to stretch the cover evenly on the pad so that it does not make any wrinkles on clothes.
  • In order to freshen up the ironing board cover, it is advised to give it a quick and frequent spray using an equal mix of white vinegar in water.
  • Replacing your iron board cover frequently will refresh your ironing board and the result will be reflected on the ironed clothes.

Cleaning of Ironing Board Covers

Ironing board covers are subject to stain and rust and hence are to be cleaned periodically. Non-washable covers can be cleaned by spot cleaning and the washable covers by either hand washing or machine washing, depending upon the care labels.

Spot cleaning of Non-washable Cover

  • Remove the cover and lay it on a table
  • Prepare a cleaning solution by adding 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap to warm water filled in a sink.
  • Wet a cloth with the solution and wipe both sides of the ironing board cover. Scrub with the cloth to remove any stains.
  • Remove the soapy residue from the cover by wiping the cover using a cloth rinsed in warm water.
  • Dry the cover using a clean dry cloth. Let the cover dry thoroughly before replacing on the board.

Cleaning a Washable Cover

  • If the care label says it is hand washable, or if there is no care label at all, clean the cover as per the spot cleaning method described above.
  • If the care label says machine washing, place the cover in your washing machine, adding one tablespoon of mild detergent in water. Set the temperature as directed on the care label and launder normally. After washing, hang it on a clothesline and dry thoroughly. Avoid using dryer because it may cause damage to any protectant coating of the cover.

Protect from Moisture Exposure

It is always required to dry the ironing board thoroughly to prevent from rusting. An ironing board becomes wet due to excessive usage of starch on your clothes to give them crisp finish. This will result in build-up and foul smell on the fabric.  Use removable covers and natural spray starches to protect the ironing board from moisture.

Freshen up your ironing board frequently by cleaning the board and replacing the cover and enjoy the thrilling sensations of freshness.