If you are a person who likes to decorate or redecorate your rooms, you must be handling lot furniture and rearranging them around in your room. If your floor is a hard surface, then you need not worry about moving furniture all the time. However if you have a carpet placed on the floor area, then you will notice that the heavy furniture leave a dent on the carpet. If a chair or table or heavy legged furniture is moved from a place after a long time, it leaves a dent on your carpet which is quite noticeable. Fortunately these furniture dents can be removed from your carpet easily using some methods or tactics.

If you want to use one of the easiest methods to remove furniture dent from your carpet, you can steam clean your carpet. You can use a steam iron and by the spritzing water method. The steam will add moisture to surface where the dent is found and it will dry it out with the heat. Remember do not put the iron directly on the carpet. Place it 15 centimetres above the carpet area. If you want you can use the edge of the coin and straighten the fibres of the carpet. In this way you can effectively remove the impressions from your carpet.

If you do not have a steam iron, you can use a normal iron instead. Place a wet or damp towel over the dent and then iron it out using your iron. The heat of the iron will remove the dents easily. However if it does not then you can repeat the process till it is removed completely. Another method which can be quite effectively used is the ice cube method. Place an ice cube on the dent overnight for a long time. Next morning or when the ice cube has completely melted, brush it out using wire brushes. It will remove furniture dent from your carpet immediately.

Another simple and effective method which can be used for removing dents from your carpet is teasing. You can tease the carpet fibres for about 10 to 15 minutes using your fingers. After that vacuum the surface taking time or slowly so that it effectively raises the microfibres of the carpet. You can also use the blow dryer and remove the dent from the surface. For instance just put some water on the dent and once it is all soaked up by the carpet, using your blow dryer, dry the surface till the fibres are raised up. The dent will be removed in no time.

However if you fail to remove the dent from your carpet, you can place some furniture over the area and cover the dent so that it is hidden. You can also use dent resistance carpets which are very thick and heavy and furniture do not leave a dent on them. You can also use furniture coaster which prevent the dents from happening however they do not look good. Alternatively, you can as well try moving your furniture here and there by few inches often so that the dents are not formed.