Rust is a very common problem which each and every household has to face. Some kind or the other metal object is present in the house which sometimes or the other gets rusted. The kitchen sinks or the bathroom sinks, the faucet, the metal chimney, stove, grills, tools and numerous other things in a household are made up of metal and are prone to rust. Therefore in order to prevent rusting or remove rust, you must know how to remove rust. There are many tricks and methods by which one can remove rust from metal, steel and other materials.

There are many chemical products which help remove rust. Chemicals like oxalic acid, phosphoric acid and others are used for removing rust. These are toxic materials and should be handled carefully, however there are natural and eco-friendly substances which are available in your kitchen which can help remove rust easily with very little effort. These are vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, club soda, lighter fluid and many more. They are quite inexpensive and can be used safely at home.

Your kitchen sink if left with a lot of dishes, plates and frying pans for a long time will soon corrode and get rusted. The corrosion also discolours the sink’s surface. Therefore in order to tackle such a problem you do not have to buy a new sink or replace it, you just need to remove the rust. You can pour a large amount of vinegar on to the scouring pad and leave it overnight on the rusted sink. Then use a scrub in the morning and scrub it away. It will easily remove the rust from the kitchen sink.

You can use lemon or lime juice to remove the rust. If the rust stain is on the fabric or cloth or even metal, it can be removed using lemon juice. You can sprinkle some salt on the stain and then put lemon juice on it, let it sit for some time and then scrape it away or scrub using crumpled aluminium foil. The rust will be removed easily. If you have a small tool or a knife which has got rust stains on it, you can easily remove it using potatoes. Potato has oxalic acid in it which easily removes rust from the surface. Cut the potato into two halves, add baking soda to one half and rub the surface which is rusted with it. After some time scrape or scrub the knife, the rust will be gone. You can also stab the knife into the potato and leave it overnight. Next day scrub the knife with steely wool and clean the rust away. Alternatively, you can as well use Coca Cola – simply soak the tool in it overnight and scrub away in the next morning.

If you see rust stains on porcelain or ceramics, it does not mean porcelain or ceramic got rusted. It simply means that they came in contact with another rusted object and got stained as a result. Use a paste of borax and lemon juice on the stain and remove it by scrubbing. In this way you can remove the rust.