Stickers and labels are stuck on the cars, walls, bottles, containers and jars with adhesive which is too sticky and when removed, leaves a sticky residue which gathers dust and grime. The removal of stickers or labels also makes the surface look dirty and leaves an ugly texture. If you want to remove the sticker or residue, you can easily do it by using your finger. You just need to peel off the sticker from the surface and rub your fingers on it in a back and forth motion. As you rub the surface you will see the adhesive turning into adhesive balls. Just pick up these balls and throw it away and clean the surface with a cleaning product.

You can also use an eraser instead of your fingers. The process is same but much better. The eraser will leave a residue which will stick to the residue and it will fall off. It will clean the surface spotless better than your fingers.  If you have olive or canola oil in your kitchen, dab some on a cleaning rag or cloth and leave it on the sticky residue for some time. Now using a plastic knife or your finger scrape the surface. The residue will fall off and now you can clean the surface with soap or detergent mixed with water and cleans the surface completely.

If you are trying to remove the sticker residue from ceramic and glass, you can use essential oils too. However do not apply it on wooden surface as it will get soaked up by the wooden surface and in turn leave a stain of its own. Dab a few drops of essential oil on a piece of cloth and rub the surface back and forth. The residue will fall off and you will have a clean surface. You can wash it with soapy water as a final cleaning. It is better if you do not use essential oil as they are expensive and should not be wasted on stickers.

Citrus based cleaning products or cleaners can also help in removing the sticker residue. They are available in the market and can be used for cleaning up the sticky adhesive residue from metals, glass, plastic, ceramic and so on. You just need to spray some on the surface of the sticker residue and then wipe it off. It will clean the area spotless. However some surfaces might get damaged using the citrus based cleaning products as citrus is acidic in nature.

A masking tape is quite useful in remove a half ripped sticker as well as the residue. Place sticky side of the tape over the residue and pull out using your fingers. The residue will stick to the tape and leave the surface. In this way you can remove stickers as well as the residue. Nail polish remover and deodorants too can help you get rid of the stickers. Good scrapers come handy when you want to remove stickers from a surface and they do not leave any stains too.