How to get rid of unwanted visitors? The mice problem!

Differentiating between a mouse and a rat is not the subject, but the issue is how to getting rid of any one of those. Mice can be a real nightmare to any household, since they chew anything they can get their teeth on. From clothes, to foodstuff; from books to electricity wires, mice are the unwanted residents of any home. Children too know that mice are not welcome, and will scream out their lungs when they see one. Mice dropping can spoil your good carpet or linen, more reason why they should be dealt with.

There are many techniques of eliminating rats; you just need the right one. While rodenticides work best in killing the mice, you might never know where the mouse will end its life. Poisons do not work instant, and the few minutes taken to kill the rodent could be enough in poisoning your foods. Still, if you cannot trace the dead rat soon enough, your house will start stinking up until you get the dead rat out of the house. The use of poisons should be done with uttermost care to avoid contaminating the food and edibles.

Mice traps are available in the various models and designs. You can get snap traps that will snap off and pin down the mouse as soon as it steps onto the trap. The trap is designed such that trap with be released soon after force has been applied on it. These kinds of traps are perfect for most rodents, but can be a hazard if a child steps on the trap. Another design of a mousetrap is that that uses glue. Glue traps use adhesive glue, holding onto the mouse when it encounters it. Since the mice trapped by glue mousetraps do not die instantly, animal rights activists have always been against its usage.

If you have a mice problem in your home, have you tried the easiest way of keeping them away? Using a cat is probably the best way to make sure rats and mice do not invest your home. Since time immemorial, cats have always been a problem to rats and rodents, even Mickey Mouse tried to put a bell on one so that the rest of the mice could hear when the cat was coming. All said, just the presence of a cat in your home drives these irritating and property destroying animals away from your home.

Natural ways have also been invented. Mice and Peppermint Oil can be compared to electricity and water. The scent from it drives them away. This is also true with Mint and Onions. The issue with this is that, you do not want your whole house smelling onions or mint. Killing a rat is not hard; the best way to keep them away is to prevent them from entering your house. Regular cleaning and disposal of refuse reduces the number of mice you could be dealing with at home. Examine your home, and seal off any possible entries of mice.