We often use furniture polish on our wooden furniture and completely transform it into a new one with renewed polish. Many chemical polishes are available in the market for use, however if you use a natural and homemade one, you save a lot of money. You can make your own furniture polish using ¼ cup of beeswax and ¾ cup of olive oil. Cut the beeswax into smaller pieces and using a small microwave proof bowl, microwave it and melt it. Make sure you do this in short intervals of time and with regular stirring. Now add the olive oil to it, which will solidify it, however you can melt it again and stir and mix it up together. Now you have to safely apply your own furniture polish which is now ready to use, you can also solidify the mixture and use it later.

If you have solid wood furniture in your house like furniture made of teak, mango, sheesham etc. you must regularly polish it and give it proper care and maintenance. You must polish it three to four times a year to maintain it and keep it sparkling. Beeswax polish is good for the maintenance of wooden furniture. Natural beeswax polish which is creamier will work wonders on your furniture. It does not have much fragrance like other chemical polish therefore the air around your homes remains fresh. Applying the polish does not take much time and is not that difficult either. You can safely apply it on your furniture.

Take out the beeswax directly from the jar or container and using a soft cloth, apply it on your furniture in the direction of the wood grain. Take small sections and then coat a thin layer instead of applying it on the whole furniture at one time. If the polish is thick, you can rub it using the cloth till you see a thin layer. Follow the direction of the grain; you can start buffing the wood surface using another piece of clean cloth. Keep buffing till you achieve the shine you wanted. If you want more shine, you can buff it more and if you want less shine, buff it less. Buffing time depends on the amount of shine you need. Now you know how to safely apply your own furniture polish.

The beeswax polish will not only protect your furniture from spills but will also make it look new for months. It will seal the cracks and cuts and but also prevent from dust setting in.it will also help in protecting the wooden furniture from drying and eventually cracking. It acts as a wood sealant. You can repeat the process as and when you find your furniture losing the sheen. You can also buy this polish from the market if you do not want to take the trouble of making it at home. Simply buy the stuff and apply it safely on your furniture and admire the beauty once it is done.