Stainless steel, which is made of iron and has about 1/10 parts chromium in it, is a very strong substance that is used in a wide variety of products that are used in and around the house. Since it has a chromium shield on its surface it makes it very resistant to rusting and tarnishing. If this chromium shield is taken off, unfortunately the utensil that you’re using will begin to corrode and rust. Not only is stainless steel used in products around the house, it’s also used in large selection of buildings because of its strong defence to corroding that can occur by changes in the weather. Stainless steel pots and pans are easily kept as good as new, so they always look just as the day you bought them. If your utensils happen to develop some rust, just follow the instructions below in order to get rid of it:

Mix together a tablespoon of ordinary baking soda with two cups of water.

Rub the baking soda mixture on the stain by using an ordinary toothbrush that you would find in your bathroom. Baking soda won’t cause damage to your utensils and will easily remove the stain. It also will not cause any harm to the structure of the stainless steel.

Rinse and dry off the area with a damp kitchen paper. You will notice the rust come right off onto the kitchen paper.

Here are some basic caution tips to use, when trying to clean off the rust:

Never use any of the strong powders that you might find in the store, as they will cause scratches to appear and ruin the surface and take off the finish.

You should never use any type of steel wool, as it will cause scratches to appear on the surface.

If you want to see the results, use a bit of the strong powder in the corner where no one will see it, and see what happens when you add it.