How to store your mop best?

Cleaning is faster and better when you have a clean mop. Since the mop mops everything on the floor, it is bound to get very dirty. Mops should be clean before storage is done. Keeping dirty mops presents bacteria and disease causing microorganism a good place to breed. Cleaning of mops is done using enough water and detergents after every cleaning process. First, rinse it under running water to remove the dirt. Rinse the bucket too. After that, fill the washing trough with enough water and add enough detergent. Wash the mops again and squeeze it on the bucket, then rinse it again.

Washing alone is not enough in ensuring your mops is free of bacteria. Once washed, allow it to dry before storing. Mop storage should be such that the mop faces down as the handle holds it from above. You can accomplish this by only creating a perch and hanging it on it using the handle. Still, there are machine washable heads these days. If yours is machine washable, still you will have to rinse it properly before putting it in the machine. Drying is the most important part of cleaning, and if not done properly then mould will grow on the mops.

Flat mops have a disposable head attached to it, with the rest of the paraphernalia intact. Flat mops heads are easily removable, and can be washed separately before being reattached to the mop. Flat mops are excellent for daily basic cleaning, but might not be applicable when the surface is rough. Of the common top rated flat mops, you will find; Bissell Smart Details Microfibre Mop, Swifter WetJet and Clorox ReadyMop. Also similar to flat mops are sponge mops. Dust mops can be used to clean elevated regions like windowpanes.

String mops can do scrubbing of floors and walls. If well maintained, string mops can last four weeks depending on the frequency and amount of work. They work better for hard floor and absorb water better. The only delimit about this is that they are bound to become mold invested with little proper care. Therefore, they should be allowed to dry properly before being stored. Strip mops are of a similar nature, but have thicker fabrics like clothes. They do not absorb as much water as string mops, they are poor on wood floor since they leave traces of water behind. Even so, they are great for hard floor and cleaning rooms that have many corners.

Modern mops include steam mops that heat up water and eject it onto the surface when the trigger is pressed. They are excellent for disinfecting floors. The Eureka EnviroSteamer, The H2O Steam Mop, The Steamboy Steam Mop and The Bissell’s steam mop are the common modern day steam mops you are bound to found in most stores. Whichever mop you have, the head must be cleaned and dried properly before storage can be done. Keeping a wet rag exposes your family to harmful bacteria that will be transferred from the duster to the floor, hence the precautions.