Clumsy situations arise in when problematic toilet comes in. Blocked toilets lead to excessive foul smell along with dirtiness, and pose a shabby picture. They certainly hamper the cleanliness of the homes. Moreover, blocked toilets can also cause health hazards if not handled quickly. They seem to attract pests and germs, which cause such diseases. Blocked toilets also affect the pipelines connections, which may be water supply or gas connections.

Toilets mostly seem to get blocked at the pan outlet. Pan outlet corresponds to connection between the toilet and the soil pipe. Blockages though can be cleared easily either by deploying chemical methods, or the common mechanical methods. Targeting the basic reasons, which cause blocking of a toilet will render to easier eradication of the blocking problem. Following steps can be following for efficient unblocking of the toilets, and leading to much cleaner alternatives:

  • Bailing out toilet pans – Bailing out the basic toilet pans stands as a better starting idea. Rubber gloves, plastic buckets and mug may be needful for the same. Bailing out maximum water will fetch access to deeper connection. Thereafter, pouring warm water with a force may clean minor blockages.
  • Plunger Usage – Common but strictly efficient, this method provides a straightforward method to clean the toilet blockages. A better option includes the WC plunger, which creates airtight seal within the toilet. Pumping with sufficient pressure results in draining of the blockage.
  • Drain Check – The check should be performed beforehand, before employing any other mechanical or chemical methods. They should be checked in case of blockages at the end of the drain. The toilet pan itself clogs most of the organic or inorganic dump. Implementation of tools as such wire coat hanger may be pushed for achieving the cleaning.
  • Usage of wire coat – They are generally used when the blockage is caused due to wipes or papers. Being flexible, it can easily turn up into the helical deeper connections and provide the removal such paper accumulation. Compact forms of organic matter can also be targeted with the same. Though a better alternative to wire coat hangers are plumber flexi-snakes.
  • Use of chemicals – Chemicals such as caustic soda can prove to better solutions in handling the blockages. Since, caustic soda being sodium hydroxide is dangerous to health, proper protection needs to be taken care of. Rubber gloves and goggles need to be worn for hand and eye protection. Proper ventilation is also required for non-continuous inhalation of the chemical. Generally, the crystals are dissolved in cold water and then poured in to the toilet. Keeping it for 20-30 minutes, proper and continuous flushing should be done. Caustic soda is a corrosive element; hence it should be totally flushed from the connections.

If the problematic situations still persist, calling the plumber is the ultimate solution. That may also imply heavy damages to your toilet connection. Hence, it is always advised to get a regular check of the toilets. Doing so will minify the instances of blockages.