Once or twice people have to deal with a blocked sink or blocked bathtub. This could be a simple process to resolve if the problem of blockage was caused by entry a foreign material into the tubes. However, this can be a cumbersome process if the cause is long-term accumulation of materials. If so, a plumber might be needed. Always, it is a good practice to ensure that little to no particles enters your kitchen sink or bathtub tubes. You can use the filter, which only allows a certain size of particulate matter to enter. Still, blockages can occur due to a number of issues, and you might want to learn how to resolve them yourself.

There are various ways of unblocking a blocked sink and one of the easiest and simplest ways is by using a sucker or plunger depending on where you come from. This small hand tool will force water into the tube at high speed. This method works for many small homesteads sink issues, but might not work in all cases. The kitchen sink or bathtub is filled with water and the plunger is then used to push water through the tubes. For most kitchen sinks, due to oils and fats, hot water might resolve the issue faster. To unblock the sink with a plunger, after filling it with water, place the plunger on the outlet hole and push down. Repeat until water can easily flow through.

Another method of unblocking a blocked bathtub or sink is by using vinegar and caustic soda. The chemistry of how they work is not important, but the important thing is that they do. Take a cup of half of baking soda and just pour it into the sink. Then, take a half cup of vinegar and do the same with it. Allow the chemical reactions to proceed for thirty minutes, then return with warm water and pour it into the sink. This process works magically in most cases, if it doesn’t and you have tried the plunger and still it does not work, then it might be a good time to call your plumber.

Home repairs just need a few skills and you can resolve virtually anything in your home. Even if you have a full time job, you can transform yourself and become your own professional plumber. You will need the necessary tools to open up the tubes and remove whatever that is blocking the pipes. Just a tip; always remember how you opened the tubes because you will need all those processes in reverse order to close your tubes once the job is done.

When going for chemical or specific cleaning product, always look out for chemical that might affect your sink material. Some chemicals will ruin your sink completely, hence the need to consult with the seller before buying them. This common problem for metallic sinks, and products could affect the protective layer. In addition, your safety is paramount, so ensure you have gloves on when handling the chemicals.