Tumble dryer is a laundry appliance mainly used for drying washed clothes and is a great benefit on rainy days. Tumble dryers are available with variety of features considering convenience, speed, capacities and technology. You have different clothing to suit different situations of life and hence it is necessary that your dryers should be able to handle them depending on the fabric. So how to use tumble dryer properly?

The different drying programs and dryer cycles that are easy to set, take the best care of your fabrics. You should know how to select the correct dryer cycle to safely use the tumble dryer and give best results to your fabric. Some of the important dryer cycles are highlighted below.

Air Dry Cycle or Air Fluff Cycle

This cycle will not dry wet clothes because there is no heat addition. It just helps to fluff up your clothes. It is also good for fluffing of pillows and freshening dry clean only clothes. It is also helpful to remove dust or pet hair by pulling it into the filter screen of the dryer.

Delicate Cycle or Gentle Cycle

It is a gentle cycle suitable for drying delicate fabrics including loosely woven garments, silk, rayon, or embroidery items. Such fabrics will fade or stick together on high heat. It is not required to use this cycle for cotton garments, jeans, linens or men’s undergarments.

Permanent Press Cycle or Wrinkle Resistant Cycle

This cycle is suitable for almost all clothing including shirts, pants, jackets, blouses and non-cotton socks. This cycle can be safely used for synthetic fabrics, lightweight cotton, linen, ramie or any natural fibre garments. Medium level of heat is used that prevents wrinkling or any such damage of high heat. There is a10 minutes cool down period during which only room-temperature air is used. It does not mean that the fabrics will become fully wrinkle-free, but it helps to conveniently remove and fold the cloth.

Regular Cycle using Automatic or Timed Dry

This cycle is meant for drying jeans, sheets, towels and sweats. It utilises the highest heat setting on the dryer. You can choose either the automatic dry option or set your desired time for drying. In the first option the machine automatically stops by the help of a moisture sensor. This cycle will not shrink the fabrics, but it may melt decorations. Due to the highest heat setting, it is advised to use only for the toughest fabrics.

Steam Cycle

This is a latest feature added in some of the dryers by which steam is created within the drum. The steam cycle is exclusively designed for those clothes that need not be washed but a little odour removal or wrinkle removal is sufficient. It is recommended to add this cycle at the end of the drying cycle that needs wrinkle removal.

Different dryer cycles are to be set for different fabrics as per the specific instructions printed on the care label of the fabrics. Sometimes the tag will read “do not machine-dry”. In such cases, the alternate drying instructions are to be strictly followed.

Knowing how to use your tumble dryer depending on the fabric will prevent any shrinkage or damage to your dress. Use it wisely and fulfill your cleaning culture.