Cashmere Jumper Washing for the Fluffiest Results

Cashmere makes the softest and most touchable of jumpers.  You want it to always feel this good.  How to you safely clean your most luxuriant jumper?  Cashmere jumper cleaning takes care, there are no short cuts.  The chemical cleaning fluids used by dry-cleaners is terrible for cashmere; they will break down the delicate fibres and ruin your precious jumper.  Here is how you can do your own cashmere jumper washing and keep your jumper cuddly longer.

Like many woven fabrics, you should hand wash your cashmere jumper in cold water and use baby shampoo as your cleaner. Baby shampoos are ideal for these delicate fibres because they are made for our most delicate skin, lack harsh chemicals, and are super gentle.  BONUS: You will smell sweet like a baby!

Washing cashmere jumpers, step-by-step:

Washing cashmere jumpers needs space, clean and clear space.  You will also need baby shampoo and 3 towels of an appropriate size. Create a clean work area in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.  Clean and thoroughly rinse the sink and counters. Do be certain there is no remaining cleaner in the area to wreck your jumper.

  • Half-fill the sink with cold water
  • Add to about ¼ cup of baby shampoo to the water and gently swoosh around to mix. Don’t use regular detergents, even for delicate fabrics; they have a drying effect on the fibres and while you may not notice right away, they will shorten the life of your jumper.
  • Washing Cashmere jumpers must be done with the item turned inside out, this way the mild agitation will not affect the fluffy outside of the sweater and reduce pilling.
  • Swoosh the jumper around in the water, gently squeezing in in all areas, do not wring or rub the jumper.
  • If you have a spot with a mark that needs to be removed and is not coming out with regularly squeezing, put a tiny amount of baby shampoo in your hand and gently rub with your fingertips.  Do not over work the fibres.
  • Allow the cashmere jumper to soak for about minutes.
  • Let the water out of the sink the sink
  • With cold water on a low flow, rinse until the water flows clear and you are sure your jumper is rinsed of all baby shampoo.
  • Cashmere fabrics must not be dried in the dryer.  Starting at the top of the jumper, hold it over the sink and gently squeeze the water from it.  Do not wring it, just squeeze in pulses all the way down, repeat until most of the water is gone. Gently squeeze the water out of the sweater.
  • After gently squeezing the water out of the item and lay flat on a clean, dry towel.  Lay another clean, dry towel on top. Roll up the item inside the towel and squeeze the water into the towel by standing on it or pushing on it inch by inch.
  • The last step is to lay the sweater out flat on a third clean, dry towel with all hems and collars arranged as you would like them to look.  Will Take a while, you may need to flip the jumper over onto another towel to complete drying after about 8-12 hours.

At this point, you really do not want the cat sleeping on your clean cashmere jumper, so finding a nice safe low traffic spot is a good idea.  Well done you have now figured out fool-proof cashmere jumper cleaning!