What should move out cleaning involve?

Moving out is quite a stressful job in itself. Taking care of furniture and other priced possessions, doing everything on time etc. require a lot of time and attention. To top that, cleaning the house at the time of moving out is nothing but an additional head ache. However, it is quite essential, especially if a person is moving out of a rented place. It is also important to keep the house clean and tidy during the listing period. In such situations, professional move out cleaning service providers can be hired to do the job.

The move out cleaners are mainly of two types: during the listing period when the house- owners are still living in the house, and after moving out when the house is empty. They both have their own significances, and need separate treatments.

Move out cleaning includes cleaning of:

  • Kitchen: cleaning of cabinets, interior and exterior, unplugging electronic gadgets like refrigerator, food processors, dish washers etc., cleaning out refrigerator, oven, dish washers etc. and cleaning them, disposing of trash, cleaning sink, fixtures etc.
  • Bathroom: Scrubbing and cleaning bathroom floors, fixtures, walls, tub basin etc., removing mildew and lime deposits, cleaning toilets, clearing cabinets etc.
  • General cleaning: Removing trash, dusting and cleaning living area, basement, bedroom etc., cleaning and removing stains from doors, windows, walls etc., vacuuming carpets, removing debris from along baseboards etc.
  • Cleaning empty house or apartments includes:
  • Common area
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • General cleaning

When should estate agency cleaner or private cleaner be used?

To clean a house, professional cleaning services are made available by a large number of companies. But, many of these companies do not specialise in end of tenancy cleaning, i.e. cleaning the house and making it ready for handing over to the landlord or original apartment owner in a state close to how it was at the time of renting it. For such specialised cleaning which includes services like removing marks of stickers, to locking the house, estate agency cleaners should be hired. It is best to hire them at the time of moving, i.e. right before or after moving out of a rented place. Such cleaners take care of every little detail of cleaning so that when the house or apartment is handed back to the owner, the tenant is not penalised for any mark or damage caused during the tenancy period.

A private cleaner does not specialise in such nuances in cleaning. It is, however, a good idea to hire regular private cleaners during the entire period of tenancy. While the tenants should make it an appoint to take care of the apartment or house, and try their hand at cleaning regularly, cleaning service providers can help to professionally clean the apartment and prevent stubborn stains, grime, dirt etc. from forming in the house. As a result, when end of tenancy cleaners are hired at the time of moving out, their work will be faster and easier, and hence, the charges will be less.