I love my home – make it cozy! The First Steps

A home is a home if you are comfortable and happy in it. It might have all the appliances and equipment, fitted with the most powerful audio and video systems but if you are not happy in it then that is not a home. Home is best is a cliché used to explain that no matter what, you can only be happy at home. Happiness begins by being making sure your home is clean and organised decently. Sometimes people do not realise that they have a dirty home, until someone important offers to visit. There are many ways to make your house cozy and relaxing with interior design ideas.

It begins with choosing the right theme for your walls and floor. Rustic and game park designs are common, but you can never run short of ideas when going this way. There is a lot in the wild and seas that can inspire your interior decoration. Zebra black and white strips can be employed in designing either a section of the living room or the whole living room. When choosing the colour of your walls, always use the colour wheel to know which colour can match with which one. Mixing many colours is also a bad idea, unless you know exactly what you are doing.

A cozy home needs proper lighting dimming. There are sections of your house that do not need as much light, and dimming the regions will add something special into your décor. Lighting and dimming can be done by dimmers, which are gadget fixed onto the switch and used to control the levels of current flowing through the circuit. Dimmers come in handy when you want to set the tempo and mood. There are so many materials written about home lighting, and suggestions are that you consult or read professional magazines to know how best to light your home.

Fresh fragrances renting the air can be a welcome note to your home. If you will be using fragrances in your living room, ensure that you get the mildest of them. Strong perfumes can make people start sneezing. You do not want to have all your guests sneezing because of the perfume sprayed in the air, or do you? Remember to hide house flaws by putting distractors. If you have a crack, first make sure you have refilled it then pin a good oil painting on it.

Furniture also determines the level of coziness in your home. If your colour theme is in the wilderness, then getting rural furniture designs will complement the design. Despite all decorations you might want to think about, if your house is dirty then the decorations are just for show. Always perform periodic home cleaning activities, and do not wait for the work to pile up. Regular home cleaning reduces the workload in the long term. Lastly, do not copy your neighbours’ interior decoration and design theme, be unique and make your own. Let them borrow from you.