Aromas have become a vital part of modern houses.  While fragrances and their pleasant effects on the human mind have been known for ages, they have continuously evolved to suit all tastes. Aromatic oils are now readily available in various forms, from sprays, to scented sachets, to reed diffusers. Though these modern variations are widely used, many people still use the more traditional methods of creating pleasant aromas in their homes.

Scented candles are still among the most widely used way in which to create a pleasant smell for your home. They also have the added of advantage of creating soft lighting while giving off their aroma. They are preferred in places like spas or massage centres where relaxation is of the essence. Owing to the therapeutic effects certain oils create, many meditation and healing centres use these candles.

In more recent times, new ways have been found of scenting the home. The most common of these is the electric oil burner/diffuser. Due to the vast array of products on the market, it is difficult to choose between aroma candles and their electric substitutes. Here are some of the pros and cons to help you make an informed choice:

Aroma Candles


They are simple to use as the aromatic blends are already infused into the candles.

– They don’t consume any electricity, so  are seen as a more “eco” option.

– You can choose from a plethora of varieties.

– Some people stick with candles because of the feeling of warmth they create.


Most times of candle do generates a lot of soot.

– Care must be taken where you site them.

– The molten wax can cause damage to furniture.

Electric Substitutes


– Lighting these is as simple as pressing a button or a switch.

– They can give a modern feel to a space.

– They have no problems with soot or heat.


They use electricity – albeit a small amount.

– Not all burners are as good as candles at generating the smell.

– If being used as part of a meditation or healing process the flame of a candle is an important part of this; electric burners do not create the same setting.

There is no clear winner among these two options because the criteria depends on the individual’s needs. In general, if you have a small space and children around, electric substitutes are probably the best. On the other hand, if you like the ambience that a wax candle provide there is only one winner. Ultimately you need to evaluate the pros and cons to both methods to decide what works best for you and the space you want to use it in.

We would be really interested to get any comments you have regarding your preference.

The Cleaner Team