What does it mean “Spring Clean” and why is essential part of our well-being and home?

It is interesting to know that “spring clean” is not only carried out during the spring, but you can actually do it in every part of the year. It is commonly used to describe a deep clean of your home and preparing yourself for a fresh new start.

You know the saying “My home is my castle”, it is the place you cherish and respect, it keeps all your memories and stories through the years, it gives you warmth and security, when you most need it. That is why is so essential to keep our homes clutter free, tidy and clean as much as we can. You could either do it yourself, or call a professional cleaning company – in any case we recommend a full spring clean to take place at least 2 times a year.

Spring Clean Benefits – 5 reasons why you should make the spring clean more regular part of your life

  1. Banishing all bacteria, including one of the most dangerous like E. coli and Salmonella – these find excellent environment in the kitchen or bathroom, and once there, they love to spread everywhere;
  2. Helps you avoid serious illnesses like asthma and dysentery – cleaning your place to perfection and leaving it dust free is the key;
  3. Relieves the stress and tensionthe spring clean would help keeping your home tidy and clutter free. Remember, free your home as much as you can of unnecessary stuff, and then you will feel the real freedom – pleasure for the mind and the body.
  4. The tidiness will help you save time – In our busy lives, and it is not getting any less tensed, we need to organise oursleves the best we can, in order to keep up with the changing world and the unexpected surprises  we might have. The better organisation is vital for our well-being . Remember, less chaos, more time for yourself!
  5. Fire your Imagination – you will be surprised to find out how tiding and de-cluttering your home will liberate so many ideas and new chances of a positive change and re-decoration. So why wait, get creative!

Spring Cleaning your home – ensure to include thorough clean of:

  1. Entrance Area;
  2. Living/Dining/Sitting Room;
  3. Hallways and stairs;
  4. Bedrooms;
  5. Bathrooms and toilets;
  6. Kitchen;
  7. All windows;
  8. Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to ensure your carpets are germ free and fresh.

We all know how hectic life is, so if you don’t have the time to carry out the spring clean yourself, Cleaner  Team will be there  to help and make your life easier.