Planning a room for your little one could be an overwhelming experience. With a wide array of baby items available, it is quite difficult to narrow down the essentials. Sure, the pink, fluffy curtains are needed, but those are your personal preferences. But basic nursery décor items, along with several essential baby gears must make a comprehensive list.

Baby Room Essentials:

  • Crib/ Bassinet – One of the most important baby room essentials is the bed for the little one. Splurge on this one thing, which you know will be the central item of the baby room, to ensure quality make and non-toxic ingredients.
  • Bedding Set – The fun part of deciding on the bedding is the variety of combinations and options you have. Pillows, duvets, blankets, crib skirts – there’s a ton of things to put together in the sleeping space.
  • Changing Table – While you will get adept at changing diapers on the fly, it is always a smart purchase to have a changing table, equipped with a few shelves for storing diapers, ointments and wipes.
  • Baby Monitor – for those who can afford it, a baby monitor could help immensely as you can rest away from the baby in a separate room but keep a constant watch. Do look for return policies and warranties
  • Open Baskets, bedside tables – Given that as a parent you will be spending a ton of time simply feeding, or putting the baby to sleep – it is essential to have an easy access to feeding bottles, storybooks and collection of baby essentials. Open baskets/diaper pails are equally handy for tossing away dirty clothes, or messy clean-ups. Keeping them in a basket allows you to clean up the mess at one go, while keeping the space hygienic.
  • Infant Dressers – given the number of times the baby gets a fresh outfit on, an infant dresser with drawers for bibs, socks, and other paraphernalia is a necessity
  • Nightlight – There will be several visits to the baby room at odd hours. At other times, you may have to wake up in the middle of the night, even if you’re in the same room. To avoid stubbing your toe or walking into hurdles, it’s always a good idea to have a soft light around. Soft lights for baby room decorations are also handy in keeping the baby comfortable as opposed to bright in-your-face lighting.
  • Electric Fan – Really? Yes. A whirring little fan mounted out of the baby’s reach cools off the room, fights off any foul odour (there’d be plenty for the first one year) and it’s continuous noise lulls the baby to sleep
  • Jewellery box/ Mobile – Soft music is a much needed flavour for infants trying to get used to lights and sounds of this world. Having a source of the same must count among baby room recommendations.
  • Glider/ Rocking chair – Babies are fond of back and forth motion while they are put to sleep, or being fed. Having spent for nine months tossing and turning in a fluid space, they tend to feel comfortable in a similar milieu. A rocking chair is a perfect piece of furniture to keep the babies and the mothers cozy.

While you can always go for additional baby room decorations, the above items must be part of essentials for any nursery. If you have more space, you can always opt for both crib and bassinet, as well as separate apparel space for the baby. However, the ten items above are baby room recommendations for any parent willing to give their baby a perfect start to this world.