Every home is a temple filled with divine vibrations. It should always be kept cleaned to maintain good hygiene and protect from harmful diseases. For normal households,  a broom or mop is sufficient to clean the floors. However, when it is required to clean thoroughly, special equipment like scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, polishers and pressure washers  are necessary. By using these equipment, a deep cleaning is possible and some invisible contaminants and allergens causing allergies and infectious diseases can be prevented.

Functions of Cleaning Equipment

Varieties of cleaning equipment are available in market, which are meant for specific purposes.

  • Scrubbers:  Floor scrubbers do better cleaning of floors compared to manual method using a scrubber in hand. They remove the dirt from the floor very effectively and a spongy apparatus separates  dirty water from clean water. A cleaning agent is spread automatically onto the floor and the scrubber head works on it to give an ultimate action. Available in two models, riding type or walk behind type, the scrubbers are highly hygienic.
  • Vacuum Cleaners:  It utilises an air pump which creates vacuum suction due to difference in air pressure and absorbs dust and dirt which are collected in a dust bag for disposal.   It   can be conveniently used in homes as well as industries. It is available in various designs and models, including a small battery operated portable device, domestic central type vacuum cleaner, and so on.
  • Steam Cleaners: These are used in household as well as industries to clean oily surface and dissolving heavy residues and stains, creating a neat surface. Steam is produced by very little quantity of water and the dirt is removed using an attachment head. No chemicals are required for cleaning because the high temperature of steam is sufficient to eradicate viruses, insects, bacteria and other contaminants. It can be safely employed for maintaining high level of air quality in the interiors.
  • Floor Polishers: Polishers are similar to vacuum cleaners, but in addition to removing dirt, they produce shinier finish to floors by the rotary action of an abrasive pad. Depending on the condition of the floor, different types of pads are used, such as a more abrasive cutting pad for heavily scratched floor or a less abrasive polishing pad for floors with lighter finish. Before polishing, the floor is pre-cleaned using a cleaner which prepares the floor for smooth functioning of the polishing pad.
  • Pressure Washers: This equipment is designed to clean large quantities of dirt and dust accumulated in porches, walkways and desks, which are difficult to handle manually. An air compressor, a high pressured hose and a tank containing water are used. The hose collects high pressure air and water  and using powerful water jet the dirt is washed out.  They are normally used in commercial units, however, smaller models can be purchased and used for household purpose.

Bottom Line

Cleaning gives comfort and hygiene. If it is exhaustive, there will be better comfort and more hygiene.  It does not mean that you have to purchase all those equipment. But few of them will benefit you, especially if you are  a part a large family amidst a  number of children and pets.