London Cleaner Team advice on the Advantages and Disadvantages, when using Bleach as Cleaning Detergent:


Surely, Bleach is very efficient cleaning product, which is often preferred by the consumer and used in many directions. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Use as Toilet Disinfection – pour the liquid in the toilet bowl reaching all corners, leave for 10 minutes, then scrub well with the toilet brush and rinse thoroughly to clean off the dirtiness and to opt excellent cleaning result;
  • Use on Surfaces as Antibacterial Detergent – great for disinfection and cleaning of the dirt from white woodwork – doors, skirting boards, etc., as well as floors(not all floors though)  and radiators– dilute one or two cups Bleach liquid into a basin of warm water – use sponge or clean cloth to scrub the area and apply the mixture, as necessary;
  •  Clean off mould from shower curtains – soak the shower curtain/s in a basin of warm water containing the following cleaning mixture –  ½ cup of chlorine bleach and ¼ cup of detergent for laundry – leave it for half an hour then scrub well with a domestic sponge or cleaning brush in your bath tub. After rinse thoroughly and immediately hang to dry. If your curtains are machine washable, for best result, you can after wash it in your washing machine on 30 degrees, together with some bath mats of similar colour. Do not forget to put some fabric softener, so your bathroom curtain can get the freshly clean scent after the wash.
  •  Clean off the mould of tiles and bathroom silicon – you can use the chlorine bleach directly onto the affected area or dilute it with water. It cleans the mould quite efficient. But be careful- the bleach cannot be used on all surfaces, as it can cause damage and discolouration – always check the label, before application! Also, please bear in mind that if the mildew went too deep into the silicon, you will not be able to completely remove it and the only solution for perfect cleaning result would be to remove it and apply a new silicon, where necessary.
  • Bleach is often used for disinfection and cleaning of swimming pools, trains, buses, etc.


  • The Bleach smell is too strong;
  • The Bleach could be highly allergenic; Do not use Bleach, if you have asthma;
  • The Bleach could cause discolouration of fabrics, tiles, bathroom, kitchen or shower  taps, as well as other surfaces;
  • If you have sensitive skin and you do not wear gloves the Bleach could cause skin wounds;

Do wash/clean the bleach off only with cold water to avoid any damages.

Do NOT use Bleach with other chemicals.