Cleaner Team Explain How You Can Use A Lemon As A Cleaning Product

In this day and age where money is tight, it is important to look at ways to reduce our shopping bill. By using lemons as a cleaning product, you are also doing something to make the planet a better place and “Go Green”- instead of using a cleaning product from the supermarket you are using a product that is safe to the environment.

Thanks to the Cleaner Team we have learnt how you can use a lemon to clean your windows but what else can a lemon do, what else can it help you to clean?

  1. A lemon can polish your furniture.  To use a lemon to polish your furniture you need to use 1 part lemon juice and 2 parts cooking oil which will then give you your home made cleaning solution for your furniture.
  2. A lemon can clean your taps. Taps can be trouble when it comes to cleaning them, even commercial products sometimes cannot remove the lime scale and stains, but if you use a lemon and slice it and put the slices around the taps for ten minutes or even overnight and then after clean with a toothbrush, they will come up clean like you have just bought them without the lime scale.
  3. Cleaning dishes is another great way to use a lemon. By using a lemon with hot water, squeezing the lemon onto a cloth, your dishes will come up clean and fresh. Make sure you rinse with warm water.
  4. Stain cleaner. A lemon can be a great cleaning product when you have a stain that will not go away, on clothes, chopping boards etc.
  5. Clean grease. A lemon can help you clean greasy surfaces, all you need to do is to squeeze the lemon and use it as a general degreaser.

The London Cleaner Team are always looking to bring you new ways to save money on your cleaning and lemons are just one of many ways where you can replace commercial products for products that are much more cost effective. Lemons have so many uses and when it comes to the home, they are a great cleaning product that is not expensive. One of the last things that a lemon can do is to make your bin or fridge smell fresh. We all know how bad they can sometimes smell, but if you put a couple of lemons in, you will feel the breezy sent again.