Spring cleaning is when you completely and thoroughly clean your house. This is a common practice in most households. They welcome the spring by cleaning the entire house as the time for fresh air and warm days have come. Many people in Iran, New Zealand, North America and few others follow this as a cultural custom of cleaning the house just before the New Years. Before you take up the cleaning you must make a “spring cleaning check list” which will have all your tasks lined up so that you can keep track of what is left to be done. The spring cleaning check list is a check list of the rooms and the list of chores which needs to be taken care of in that room. Organising, cleaning and settling your house with the help of family members is quite fun as you also have a get together of a sort.

Your spring cleaning check list must start with your bedroom. You must include it and keep it as a first in your list of priorities. Start with cleaning and dusting the furniture of the bedroom, your mattress, clean up your closet, clear all the items and do the cleaning. Remove all your clothes, do the washing, sort which to keep and which to dump, iron and pile it back in the closet. Vacuum your mattress, clean under the bed using the vacuum cleaner and sweep the floors. Wash your cushions, clean your upholstery, sprinkle baking soda on mattress and deodorise it and so on.

Next comes your bathroom. Open the windows, let the fresh air in, clear the cabinets and vanity, replace old medications and cosmetics and clean the shelves. Clean your toilet inside and out and clean the sinks. Shine your bathroom mirror using alcohol and clean the floors. You must clean your kitchen which comes with a lot of washing and cleaning. It will take up a whole day as it has many small chores which need to be taken care of. From cleaning the mini blinds to the washing of plates and cutleries, a lot of washing should be taken up. Remove items from each drawer and cabinet, clear the shelves and sweep it clean. If dusting is needed, do the needful. Clean each item of the cabinets and drawers and place it back. Clean the oven, the stove, the refrigerator and the dishwasher.

It’s time for dining room, vacuum clean your upholstery; wash your curtains, table cloths and covers. Polish your tables, shine your silverware and cutleries at display. Clean your floors and windows. Sweep your staircase and wash the walls. Sweep the walkway and porches and clean the doors. Wipe the door knobs and hand rails. Clean your door mats or replace it with new ones. Well, it’s basically the cleaning up of each item in your house. Ceiling fans and the blades should also be cleaned and taken care of dirty ceiling fans might turn off your guests and is quite an eyesore. The spring clean check list is long and it takes care of all the things in your house. If you however, don’t have time to do it yourself, it might be always easier to hire professional cleaning company to do the job for you.