Anyone remembers when the world had no Television and people were happy? Exactly, nowadays people keep fighting over which channel to what and which ones not to. This fight has led people into buying more TV Sets to accommodate everyone, and since you cannot watch all the TVs from the living room, some have been pushed into the bedroom. In as much as this has solved the old fights for the remote controller, it has brought in a new challenge, and sleeping is just one. People spend too much time on the television forgetting the small and simple things that make life exciting as sleeping.

The temptation to follow your favourite TV Series is too alluring for you to deny. The problem is that, these shows start airing late in the night. Monday blues do not scare a man who wants to watch the highlights of his favourite team’s win and analysis. Women, on the other hand, will blink three times in ten minutes just to make sure they do not miss the romantic scenes on their favourite soap operas. All this combined, the earliest a person can fall asleep at 2 AM, but not after spending a few more minutes checking their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Bedroom TVs kill the romance and conversation two lovers are supposed to have before kissing each other good night. It could also bring conflicts if one partner wants to sleep and the other wants to watch the TV. There is a reason as to why is called a bedroom and not a TV room. The bedroom is a private section of the house where you learn more about your lover, and kids rest as they await schoolwork the next day. Sex is a super connector between spouses, and those who do not have Bedroom TV tend to be more connected than those who do.

TVs in the bedroom cause a health hazard too. You can never know what radiations are being emitted by the LCD itself. Electrical appliances pose a health hazard no matter where they are placed. It is recommended that most of the appliances be kept out of your bedroom, and that includes the Samsung UHD Curved TV covering the front wall of your bedroom. As with any electronic, TVs attract dust. For asthmatics, this will increase your asthmatic attack when you enter your bedroom. Bedroom cleaning also become difficult when you have too many appliances in there. Difficulty in bedroom cleaning means that you will neglect some areas and only concentrate on those you can easily access. Soon, your bedroom becomes a lab for generating new infections for your family.

To cut the long story short, Bedroom TV is a big no. TVs can be installed in any room including your bathroom but the problems they bring when they are in the bedroom are more than the benefits. A good night sleep is what everyone needs to wakeup fresh and ready for the day. Get that TV out today.